73000, Украина, г. Херсон
ул. Гоголя 39/Гирского 17,
тел: +38 0552 49 92 36
моб: +38 067 706 14 13
          +38 050 775 32 13

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Книга отзывов


11. 11. 2016 Anthonie

If you ever search for a very good hotel in Kherson, please visit the Diligence. Probably the best hotel in the whole region with certainly the best restaurant. You won't regret it!!!!

11. 11. 2016 James

I love this little hotel. I have stayed here 5 or 6 times over the last two years, and each time have had a very nice stay. The property is just a few years old, and very clean. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The WiFi works very well. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They are happy to call a taxi, take your dry cleaning, or help with anything else. The housekeepers are efficient, and I have never had any problem with them, even when I mistakenly left out some money. The location is ideal--central but quiet. It is one block off the main street, around the corner from the main supermarket/shopping center, and two blocks from the central square, where the movie theater and post office are located. There is a small gym just across the main street, and the central park is just a few blocks down as well. There is an excellent restaurant in the hotel. It is reasonably priced and the best restaurant that I've been to in Kherson. Room rates include free breakfast, which guests o

11. 11. 2016 Henry

I had visited different hotels in and outside Europe, as many business or tourist travellers are always searching for a very nice hotel for the opportunity to sleep and eat during specific period. But when I made my choice what hotel would be chosen in Kherson, I had never dreamed about it how marvellous this Hotel really are; especially the restaurant is very nice cosy in all its existence. The food is of high quality and the level of service is first class when I compare with a 4* restaurant is Diligence\'s restaurant exactly the same level. Importantly is well cleaned everywhere in this hotel. The staffs were professional as well friendly, and they did everything to make comfortable during my present in \"This Hotel\". I consider without doubt that The Diligence Hotel is the best of its kind in Kherson, if I may say to everyone they still searching for a wonderful Hotel in Kherson are this is the best choice you ever made! With pleasure I would like to say a big th

11. 11. 2016 Richard

Food & Restaurant- First class, if you want a quality inexpensive meal, go no further than your Hotel restaurant Position of Hotel- 1 minutes walk to the main street in Kherson, and to the main Reifessen bank, but quiet enough to avoid the noise and traffic of a main street. Hotel rooms- Although this hotel is classed as a 3* it would compare easily against any European 4* hotels, and maybe because of the service a little better than most 4* as the hotel is only small, maybe 24 rooms i think, it is able to provide guests with a very good level of service. The rooms are quite spacious, and one of the best things when you travel, the beds are very comfortable, and the bathroom was finished to a high standard. And the internet was free, SO! if anyone is travelling to Kherson and needs or prefers a very good hotel, while not being expensive? Then go to the Diligence! Thanks to all! Everyone had a FANTASTIC party in Diligence on New Yers Eve!!!!!!!!!!

11. 11. 2016 Robert Henschel

Ein ausgesprochen schönes und sehr gepflegtes Hotel, welches jeden Anspruch genügen wird. Der Service war ebenfalls kompetent und freundlich. Ich werde sehr gerne wieder kommen.

11. 11. 2016 Gabriel from USA

I consider The Diligence Hotel and staff, the best in Kherson. Not knowing Kherson I contacted the hotel for help with transportation from Odessa Airport,respond was not to worry, make sure someone will meet you at the airport. The care and concern for the guest is extraordinary! I can't say any thing ells that the service is such as a 5 star in any big EU city. The restaurant manager, Evgenia takes special and personal interest in pleasing your taste. Best food in town! I had a great one week experience.

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